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Product Reviews  

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    The Out Door Champion.

    I have tried locally available walkers and found them ok on flat, level and smooth surfaces any cracks or bumps they, like super market trollies in the car parks, go their own way.
    I went to the inte...

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    Makes the difference in mobility.

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    Field report after one year of use

    The advert and description in the brochure is 100% true. Nothing is exaggerated. Disadvantageous or not optimal are the tyres. The air escapes too fast. A severely handicapped person will then usually...

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    My veloped is a beautiful peice of engineering that liberated my legs.

    The Veloped enables me to walk without thinking about it despite my disability. I go over rough ground, up kerbs and in and out of shops with ease. The company was efficient, helpful, and friendly to ...

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    Walker 12er—a complete success

    Many things at Trionic have made me enthusiastic:
    1. excellent service, there is none better
    2. well thought out technilogy
    3. light weight and maneuverability
    4. easy folding and unfolding


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    Trionic Veloped is an excellent walking aid

    Trionic Veloped works well when you are walking along pavements, when it is snowy, dry or wet. It's also a very good walking aid to be used in the forest when you are walking along paths or even in mo...

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    I emailed Stefan in Sweden to ask various questions about the Veloped. He phoned me back and he couldn't have been more helpful. He was able to match the price of a UK supplier, who offered the Velope...

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    My Veloped has changed my life

    Since the operation to remove a tumour from my spinal cord, I can only walk with two crutches and this is a slow and painful process. I was finally told about rollators but thought they looked feeble ...

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    Still grinnin' from ear to ear.

    It has been nearly nine months since I bought my Trionic Veloped, and it is still the best investment that I have ever made. Even though I can only walk short distances (Herniated disc at L4/L5, and o...