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Veloped & Walker — Made for Walking

Welcome to Trionic - Your supplier of high-quality and unique mobility aids. Our Swedish rollators and walkers promote your mobility, your health and your enjoyment of the outdoors. At Trionic you'll find rollators and wheeled walkers with pneumatic tires, hub brakes and patented solutions like the Trionic Climbing Wheel and the Trionic Syncro Steering.

Our offer:

  • The Trionic Veloped is in fact the only true off-road walker on the market, and it's your modern alternative to a rollator.
  • The Trionic Walker is the new premium class among rollators, and it offers you a great outdoor performance and a very high comfort level.

We want you to enjoy the best product experience in the market of our field; the ultimate mobility aids for urban and outdoor areas.

Your Mobility is our Everything

We believe in quality, good engineering and well thought out design. We are constantly focusing on innovating and making mobility aids that you can perform and be active with, without compromising the actual need for support. We hold all our customers dear and we embrace your collaboration, feedback and thoughts.

Our Vision: To offer you the best walking aids in the world.

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